Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

"If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative," are the words from one of my favorite American screen writer, director, actor, and comedian, Woody Allen. As I sit here drinking some tea on this Sunday afternoon I let my mind skip back a couple of weeks and let it dwell there, just for a minute.

Two snowflakes are never exact in composition and form. The same is true for leadership growth and what form it takes.Just like snowflakes form a snowball, leadership and it's constituents form our schools, jobs and ultimately our world. Leadership has no address. It's home is inside the hearts of humanity and dwells in action across the world.
" What does it mean to you? what or how has the student government affected you or impacted you as a student? and please be honest." I say to my friend, Ronnie, not knowing what to expect as an answer. " Honestly, I've never had time to look for dasb or see what they were doing but this year they came to my class. I've always just let the school serve me, and never really thought of serving the school until dasb came into my class and explained how and why we should serve our school. I'm being honest" Bittersweet feelings rush all inside me as I hold back tears. I think in my head, those words are the reason student leaders at De Anza do what they do - the empowerment of students to be able to take pride in their campus, be involved in progressive activities, all while setting a strong foundation for future student leaders in the community we call De Anza.
Leadership is not something one is born with. Leadership is something you learn and share. Although it is not often seen in this light, leadership is a type of servitude for others. It is a position that enables an individual to assist others in leadership growth. Which in turn, will make up more leaders. It's a collective effort to push the world forward. I was privileged to serve in the De Anza Associated Student Body Senate and work with a number of leaders. I as an aspiring leader, failed, said the wrong things, and simply fell to the ground at times. However, throughout all of this, those leaders around me helped me up and corrected me when I was wrong. I have many things to learn as a leader and I hope to surround myself by others willing to not only teach me, but go on the journey with me.
De Anza Senate has been nothing short of a journey, experience, and bumpy ride all in one. The impact the senate has had on campus this year is undeniable. At times from the inside, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's very discouraging to never hear or see the product of ones work. Then only to continue pushing for a change when you don't even know if your previous effort was effective. Today, I applaud you for all of your work and efforts, great and small. Your passion and level of commitment for change has resonated in the hearts of students across campus. Wether you realize it or not, your presence and action has impacted the lives of students who are now leaders in their immediate communities. Leadership and its growth is certainly not confined to student government, it is a moving action that is spread throughout different venues of our campus. It is in our student clubs, programs, sport teams, in the cafeteria, main quad,the library, that bench that is hit by the sun at noon and gives you perfect internet connection. Leadership is all over our campus and I hope I'm not the first to say it, but it's all over you. Thank you for all you have done here, at De Anza College. Most importantly, thank you for all you will continue to do wherever your life journey takes you.


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